Crypto Wallet BitKeep Hacked for $1M in BNB Chain, Polygon Tokens


BitKeep will launch a compensation portal within three days and claims it will compensate 100% of tokens stolen from users.

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EU Countries Must Be Ready to Block Crypto Mining, Commission Says


“In the coming months and years, the Commission intends to take various steps to boost digital energy services while ensuring an energy-efficient ICT sector, including… an energy efficiency label for blockchains,” the commission added – apparently drawing a parallel with the existing disclosures that must be made to those buying new cars and fridges.

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Meta Follows Blockchain Firms in Joining Cryptographic Privacy Group MPC Alliance


“Last year, we shared our longer-term vision on privacy-enhancing technologies and how we believe they will become foundational to the future of personalized advertising experiences. MPC is a critical part of this technology stack,” said Sanjay Saravanan, who heads up Meta’s Applied Cryptography Research group.

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Bytebus, One Of The Best Cloud Mining Platform For Everyone, Has Officially Gone Live


After a soft launch earlier this month, Bytebus has formally gone live with its cloud-mining platform. The platform has seen significant growth in the month of October as crypto enthusiasts around the globe are looking for ways to mine digital assets in the most cost-efficient manner possible. 

With the help of the mobile cloud mining program Bytebus, anyone may mine Bitcoin from the convenience of their home.

This technique has historically required the purchase of expensive mining equipment. In a push to acquire a significant market share, Bytebus' cryptocurrency cloud mining enables users to mine at home without buying costly equipment.

While designing the Bytebus platform, the company capitalized on competitor inefficiencies to bring a solution to market that is both seamless and inexpensive. The overall goal is to enhance everyone’s access to cryptocurrencies. 

What exactly is Bytebus?

With over 360,000 users, the cloud mining platform Bytebus is gradually gaining popularity. Searching for blocks of bitcoin to process is known as mining. Bytebus does this task for you automatically. In the business, each attempt is referred to as a "hash."

Consider it a huge thing, do you? That is accurate; it is! Bytebus owns mining operations in several nations and has invested in data centers in Kazakhstan and Myanmar. For instance, it uses renewable energy to power its mining processes, making it a viable and ecologically friendly cryptocurrency business. Let's examine the factors that attract investors to Bytebus.

What Justifies Going With Bytebus?

Users ought to utilize Bytebus as their cloud mining platform for the following reasons:

A Personal Manager is given to each member, who will be there for them at all times. Anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies can do so with a small investment because the minimum is a mere $10. Bytebus now has an event where anyone who signs up can get $10, so everyone can invest for free.

Users can reinvest at any time by purchasing new mining contracts. Users may always stay in control thanks to a comprehensive dashboard that gives them access to real-time investment and profit details.

These unique qualities of Bytebus are also present:

The business operates data centers across the globe, including in Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Iceland. Bytebus also has the following notable features:

  • The business uses electricity, solar power, and wind power for mining.

  • It offers a $10 withdrawable sign-up incentive to all users.

  • It provides a referral program where you can recommend friends and receive a 3% commission.

  • It is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • You have everyday access to your money, and the money will be in your account within an hour.

  • SSL and DDoS protection are used to secure and safeguard the system.

  • It provides a full guarantee for all investments. It employs a team of certified analysts and professionals available around the clock to ensure that clients receive regular returns.

Then, users can rent one of their miners and begin making passive income immediately!

Visit their official website at for more details. 




PR Contact:

Tracy Wade

[email protected]

Thousands of Bitcoin leave Coinbase for the first time since June


Roughly 50,000 Bitcoin (BTC) were withdrawn from Coinbase on Oct. 18, making it the first time since June that such a massive amount of the flagship token has left the exchange.

The chart below demonstrates the Bitcoin withdrawals from Coinbase since the beginning of the year with the orange line.

Bitcoin balance on Coinbase
Bitcoin balance on Coinbase

According to the chart, Coinbase has been steadily losing its Bitcoin reserves since late March. Withdrawals only accelerated after the Terra-Luna crash, which led to the coldest winter in crypto history.

This left Coinbase with around 525,000 Bitcoins in its reserve — 22% lower than the nearly 680,000 Bitcoins it held at the beginning of the year.

It’s not just Coinbase

While Coinbase took the most recent hit, losing Bitcoin is a common problem of all crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin balance on Exchanges
Bitcoin balance on Exchanges

The chart above represents the Bitcoin balances held by all crypto exchange platforms, and it shows a steady decrease since the beginning of the year, in parallel with Coinbase.

Almost 2.27 million Bitcoins were held in the exchanges in January 2022. As of Oct. 18, the amount stands just above 2.23 million — 14.7% lower than at the beginning of the year.

The decrease is steady despite the market’s bearish sentiment, which has been dominant since May.

Binance is collecting

Major exchange platform Binance seems to be an exception to exchanges losing Bitcoins. According to a CryptoSlate report from August, Binance lost BTC only between February and May.

Exchange net position - Binance
Exchange net position – Binance

Binance experienced major Bitcoin withdrawals just before the bear market started. During February and March, which were Binance’s losing months, Coinbase’s Bitcoin reserves remained steady.

After the bear market hit in May, Binance started accumulating Bitcoin, while Coinbase and all other exchanges lost significant amounts of it.

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Silvergate's Q3 Net Income and Revenue Jumps 73%


The digital asset bank grew its customer base to 1,677 during Q3.

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Solana Killer Aptos Stirs Hype And Criticism Ahead Of Listings


With Aptos, one of the most hyped blockchains at the moment celebrated its mainnet launch yesterday. Funded by numerous major crypto ventures – such as a16z, Jump Capital, FTX Ventures and Binance – the project has been surrounded by tremendous expectations since its inception and titled “Solana killer”.

The project is a spin-off by former Meta employees who worked on Libra in 2019, which was later renamed Diem. Due to political pressure, Mark Zuckerberg’s company had to shut down the project. However, some developers saw great potential in the technical fundamentals and created Aptos. Their aim is to build a highly scalable, decentralized and cost-effective blockchain solution that will drive mainstream adoption of Web3.

The new blockchain enables parallel execution. With this, a scalability of up to 160,000 transactions per second (TPS) was supposed to be achieved. However, yesterdays launch was more than disappointing as pointed out by a pseudonymous analyst called Paradigm Engineer #420.

Image: The Layer

The TPS was only about four transactions per second yesterday. Also, most of the activity on the network was not actual transactions, but just validators communicating, setting block checkpoints, and writing metadata to the blockchain.

Another criticism was that developers could not use the blockchain effectively because there were no rpcs and connecting to validators was not possible. The pseudonymous analyst further criticized:

Aptos knows something is wrong. Between genesis and 1:30 PM PT, the Aptos discord was disabled – users couldn’t chat or ask any questions. They’ve only recently opened a few channels, but important channels like dev-resources are still closed.

The Aptos team justified the current state of the network. Via Discord, the developers wrote that yesterday’s four transactions per second do not reflect the maximum TPS. A low network load is normal at the start of the mainnet. As soon as user activity on the network increases, the blockchain will reveal its true scalability, Aptos stated.

Tokenomics Of Aptos Raise Criticism Before Listing

With FTX and Binance, the world’s two leading crypto exchanges and also supporters of Aptos, have announced that they will list the APT token tomorrow, Wednesday. Both will open trading for APT/BTC, APT/BUSD and APT/USDT spot trading pairs at 1:00am UTC.

Tomorrow’s listing on exchanges will have to show whether the project can win the trust of the crypto community. In the run-up there was sharp criticism regarding tokenomics, which were not made public until today. Critics argued that it’s not good that FTX and Binance list APT without any tokenomics transparency.

Even though this criticism has been dispelled by a blog post, question marks remain behind the distribution and release of APT in the coming years.

The initial total APT offering on mainnet stands at 1 billion tokens, with 51.02% allocated to the community, 19% to core contributors, 16.50% to the foundation, and 13.48% to VC investors. The community token pool is for ecosystem-related things like grants, incentives, and other community growth initiatives.

Some of these tokens have already been allocated to projects built on the protocol and will be awarded upon reaching certain milestones. A majority of these tokens (410,217,359.767) are owned by the Foundation, with a smaller portion (100,000,000) owned by Aptos Labs. These tokens are expected to be distributed over a 10-year period.

SOL total market cap at $11.09 billion on the daily chart | Featured image from Unlock Blockchain, Chart:

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Web3 Infrastructure Firm ChainSafe Raises $18.75M Series A


Web3 infrastructure firm ChainSafe has raised $18.75 million in Series A funding to expand its blockchain gaming utilities.

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FCA's Crypto AML Compliance Chief Steps Down


Mark Steward, who led the enforcement of anti-money laundering measures for crypto in the U.K., is stepping down after seven years with the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Growing Popularity of Cash-Margined Bitcoin Futures Suggests That Crypto 'Liquidation Cascades' Might Become Rare


Cash-margined contracts are relatively concise and not mathematically convex, making them easier for retail investors to understand and easier for exchanges to liquidate, one volatility trader said.

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