Coresky Launches Private Sale of SubstanceX & EESEE, These are Two Top Platform Projects with an Investment of 3.1 Million USD


Coresky Launchpad is set to elevate the game with the launch of SubstanceX and eesee at the same time! 

Head to the CORESKY platform now to purchase SubstanceX & EESEE

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SubstanceX has received $2 million in financing from investment institutions.

SubstanceX inherently features open-source code, product transparency, and user asset security. It aims to deliver a CEX-level experience through four aspects:

1. Comprehensive product matrix: includes perpetual and options.

2. Innovative low-threshold design: focuses on simple options.

3. Connecting accounts and liquidity: offers a genuine one-stop solution.

4. Robust user system: customer service informed by DeFi data.

Unlike traditional DeFi projects, which often have limited product offerings, SubstanceX provides a complete set of trading products such as perpetual and options, meeting users' trading needs in a one-stop manner.

SubstanceX doesn't just aggregate various products. Instead, it integrates the team's extensive trading expertise into product design. It innovatively designs multi-product linkages in product logic, user experience, economic incentives, and user protection.

SubstanceX is developed by a team with rich market-making and operational experience from centralized exchanges.

Its LP Pool, built on stablecoins, also supports integration with projects like Morpho and Pendle. This allows LPs to earn an additional 3-4% risk-free annual yield through diversified on-chain stablecoin asset staking. As PT-USDX is a tradable asset, it enables locking in rates through protocols like Pendle while allowing for easy exit, thus mitigating the risks of mismatched durations in interest acquisition.


EESEE has secured a financing of $1.1 million from investment entities.

EESEE is the next-generation social platform, also serving as an aggregator of digital assets from other marketplaces and a gamified platform for digital assets. 

EESEE addresses long-standing issues in the NFT market through intelligent strategies that enhance demand, accelerate sales, and lower barriers in the realm of digital assets. This approach tackles problems such as declining liquidity in crypto assets, decreasing purchasing power, and inaccurate valuations.

What sets EESEE apart is its use of gamified trading to increase user demand for assets. 

This system allows participants to acquire assets at a fraction of their value. Sellers have the option to set three variables: total profit, number of participants, and participation fee. 

EESEE employs the Chainlink VRF to select the winning user from the pool of participants, while the contributions of others accumulate as trade turnover. All participants are continuously rewarded with ESE tokens on a monthly basis.

This mechanism enables participants to obtain assets at a very low cost, while also rewarding users based on their trading activities.


Coresky represents a pioneering platform for launching and trading Asset-packaged NFTs. 

Through the Coresky Launchpad, traditional primary market currency rights are transformed into tangible Asset-packaged NFTs. By harnessing the economic benefits of the Launchpad, Coresky stimulates user engagement in transactions, simultaneously enhancing liquidity in both the primary and secondary markets for coin rights and the NFT.









*Seeking "Start-ups in Need of VC (Venture Capital)" or "Partners for Collaboration."

Seeking Early-stage Companies in Need of Funding and Collaborative Partners:

1. If you are an early-stage enterprise in need of capital and have a stellar team and product, please get in touch with us. We maintain close ties with 450 venture capital firms in Asia. You can check out the list of VC firms here:

2. We are actively seeking outstanding partners for collaboration. We invite the following to reach out to us:

2.1Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

2.2Community Managers

2.3BD, CM, MOD professionals

2.4Entities able to connect with KOLs or trading groups.

Contact Info: TG: @BTCLOGAN777

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