AssetDash – An All-In-One Portfolio Tracking System for Modern Investors


The development of the crypto sector has presented users with a vast choice of new products to track your portfolio as investment opportunities. AssetDash is a new project seeking to simplify access to the market by merging several systems into a user-friendly app.

Currently, the iOS App Store places AssetDash at the top of the NFT portfolio tracker apps. As a mobile app, AssetDash supports the highest number of NFTs across multiple blockchains.

About AssetDash

All your assets are manageable in one place with AssetDash’s free-to-use dashboard. This new application is compatible with a wide range of other investing apps. 

Besides CoinBase, Robinhood, and OpenSea, this technology is compatible with many other well-known trading applications. Simply put, AssetDash brings all your investment applications to one place. This app aims to simplify your life when you need to track your investments in the market.

What do we know about this new project? And how does AssetDash plan to keep on growing in the long term? The sections below will try to answer these questions.

A Close Look Into the AssetDash App

You may quickly and securely link your numerous investment accounts to AssetDash. Hundreds of apps from every market are compatible with this platform. Moreover, the AssetDash team is always working on adding more. 

If you wish to connect a brokerage account, you must follow the simple instructions on AssetDash. The team also provided guidelines to connect crypto wallets and other financial accounts to the app.

In the “Settings” menu, you will be able to add new external accounts at any time with AssetDash. Keep in mind that you can connect unlimited accounts to AssetDash.

As soon as you link your accounts, you’ll have access to a broad overview of your assets. If you click on the products, you will see a detailed set of information for each of them. AssetDash also tracks the overall success of your portfolio and the performance of each financial product across various timeframes.

Additional features include market overviews for several asset classes and current news concerning your investments. Users do not have to limit themselves to cryptocurrencies. Instead, AssetDash tracks multiple asset classes, from equities to NFTs, for them.  

In the past, checking your portfolio required updating a half-dozen different apps. Now, your portfolio summary and price data are available in a single location. Consequently, the team’s strategy is clear: simplify the investment tracking process across asset classes.

Another important aspect of this app is that it does not require any personal information from its users. You can join AssetDash completely anonymously and use it privately.

Joining AssetDash

If you wish to join AssetDash, you will have to follow the simple steps below:

  • After downloading the app, the system will ask you to create an account by providing only an email address and a password. 
  • The application will prompt you to choose the kind of investments you make as the second stage in the process. 
  • At this stage, you will need to paste your cryptocurrency addresses and connect your accounts in order to use crypto. AssetDash has “read-only” access to your accounts. The system searches public blockchains to identify your cryptocurrency holdings associated with your address. 
  • This concludes the sign-up procedure, and from this point on, your AssetDash dashboard will display an up-to-date status of all of your investments.

AssetDash Security and Privacy Policy

The AssetDash team places a high value on protecting the privacy and safety of its customers. In this sense, the system does not need any personally-identifying information to set up an account. You may remain completely anonymous when using AssetDash. 

You will just need to supply the app with an email address to use it, as mentioned earlier. The AssetDash team explained that you are allowed to use an anonymous email at this stage in the process. 

AssetDash’s brokerage and exchange connections are in the hands of top-tier industry partners Plaid and Vezgo. If you link a cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage account, AssetDash will only have read-only access to that account, as already stated. 

As a direct result of this feature, AssetDash is only able to read the holdings that are currently present in the account. 

AssetDash – Future Plans

Thousands of people have signed up for AssetDash in the first few months of its existence. In the meantime, the NEAR foundation chose to believe in this project and awarded it a grant.

It is AssetDash’s mission to help investors and community leaders better connect. The company believes it can reduce the time and effort required to communicate with web3. 

DeFi and NFT protocols, and other investment groups, may benefit from the project’s success.

Final Thoughts

AssetDash is a portfolio management tool that makes it simple for investors to keep track of their holdings. Multi-brokerage and crypto exchange accounts are generally easy to track using the company’s user-friendly investment app.

These exchanges include viral platforms, such as Binance, Robinhood, Coinbase, FTX, and others.

Additionally, AssetDash is compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrency wallets on several blockchains. This operation aims to provide consumers with a single dashboard where they can get real-time updates on their investments.

Users are responding positively to the introduction of this app. For example, the market selected AssetDash as the top system in the “Products of the Day” category on Product Hunt.You can find many details online if you wish to learn more about AssetDash and its team’s announcement. Specifically, you can check the project’s website or download AssetDash for your iOS or Android device.